Calentadores de infrarrojos
      Calentadores de infrarrojos

Infrarrojo - Infrarot - Infrared

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Heating with infrared

and save up 40 to 60% electricity 


  • An elegant and stylish heating and lend your living spaces a personal touch.
  • All our "Tenecalor" heating systems can be designed individually.

           Function and characteristics                          Infrared heaters

                                           - It radiates heat over long distances
                                           - Heated floors and walls
                                           - Gives warmth to people and animals
                                           - No dry air
                                           - Heat in all directions
                                           - More uniform temperature
                                           - Pleasant feeling
                                           - Health Benefits




Own product lines by INFRA-DECO




Tenecalor is a high-quality manufactered product line.


For these infrared heatings we use exclusively made in Germany heating elements, with a powder coated aluminium surface, witch can be printed with different motifs or your own pictures by a sophisticated reproduction method. You can choose a wooden or aluminium frame in your favorite colour, matchung the furniture.


On all Tenecalor irnfared heating elements we offer you a 5-years guarantee.



Infra-deco offers a high Quality of Life thanks to the following properties:

  • noiselessly
  • No maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Space saving
  • No structural refurbishments required
  • Efficiency of almost 100%
  • Low power consumption (up to almost 60% less compared to conventional heating systems)
  • No air dehydration
  • Free of dust turbulence
  • No exhaust gases
  • Avoid moisture and mold
  • Ideal for people with allergies, or rheumatism etc.




We are looking for installation companies and / or project companies for the installation of our products in the Canary Islands. 

We also need free commercial agents for the distribution of our products. Contact us, Tel 609 962423

+34 / 609 962 423

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