Calentadores de infrarrojos
      Calentadores de infrarrojos

How works infrared heating?

Difference between:

Conventional heating


- The warm air rises to the ceiling.
- Dried air
- Dissimilar temperature:
    . Cold floors.
    . Warm ceilings.
    . Unpleasant.


The conventional heating radiators are based on warming the surrounding air by convection. This heating is very slow and very unevenly heats only a small area (the area of the radiator) and the heated air rises to the ceiling.
This produces a clear difference between the temperature of the bottom and the air near the ceiling, and which gives an uncomfortable feeling of the air.


Infrared heating


Heated in 3 Dimensions



- It radiates heat over long distances
- Heated floors and walls
- Gives warmth to people and animals
- No dry air
- Heat in all directions
- More uniform temperature
- Pleasant feeling
- Health Benefits


Tenecalor is an infra-red heating at low temperature.
The infrared heater heats the air not only directly, but also solid materials such as floors, walls, people and animals.
By heat recovery of solids, the air is gradually heated, but at a much lower temperature than a conventional radiator.
This creates a pleasant environment for people and animals and a sense of comfort.


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