Calentadores de infrarrojos
      Calentadores de infrarrojos

We have the solution for your enjoyable room climate

with a pleasant warmth and to prevent mold



Your desired image on the wall,

the warmth radiates through infrared


Healthy warmth everywhere, whether at home, holiday hause, bathroom, attics, garages, hobby rooms, basements, arcades, offices or practice.



The infrared warmth that is produced 

is not only stored in the heating elements,

but is also incorporated in walls,

ceilings, floors and of all solids,

and keeps the environments clean.



The breathing air kept dust free!



Due to the heated walls,

get the volume of condensate limited,

and therewith corrosion restrained

from the outer walls.



The feared mold stays away!




The entire "Infrared" heating system with electricity is produced exclusively in Germany and has been tested in all respects.


In our production facility in Tenerife we fulfill the wishes of the customer, by framing special designs or custom design
and thereby to deliver a personalized infrared heating.


 Guaranteed quality gives security to purchase!

Arguments speaking for healthy heat


                                   - Lightweight and thin 


                                   - Can be easily fixed to the wall


                                   - A normal plug is sufficient


                                   - Hot after a few minutes


                                   - No noise, no fan


                                   - No wear, no maintenance


                                   - Save up to 60% less cost


                                   - No structural changes needed


                                   - Efficiency of almost 100%


                                   - No oxygen consumption


                                   - No exhaust fumes


                                   - Preventing mold growth


                                   - Healthy Heat


                                   - No dust turbulence.


                                   - Very good for asthma, allergies, etc

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